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              On pitch perception and mistuning detection in the high frequency range——Hedwig E. Gockel


              報告題目:On pitch perception and mistuning detection in the high frequency range


              報 告 人:Hedwig E. Gockel



              Hedwig E. Gockel is the Senior researcher in the University of Cambridge, a member of the American Auditory Society. She is working in MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit. Her research interests are: Hearing; Pitch perception; Auditory grouping and streaming processes; Effects of attention on auditory perception; Loudness and masking.

              The MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit is a leading research centre for advancing understanding of human cognition such as memory, attention, perception, language and emotion. We aim to translate research findings to improve health and wellbeing, including developing psychological therapies for mood disorders, improving our understanding of cognitive problems in childhood, and optimising diagnostic and rehabilitative techniques for neurological conditions.